Big Day Out @ Adelaide, 2011

The 2011 Big Day Out Festival had a huge and heavy line up.
These shots are from their epic outdoor show in the heart of the city of Adelaide, in front of approx. 35,000 people. 

Shot by Kerrie Geier for The AU Review.

About the shoot: The Big Day Out – growing up in Australia it was every teenagers right of passage. I was no different, having attended my first BDO in 1997, and it really was the highlight of the musical calendar. So when I was approved to shoot the BDO it was a big moment for me. I could barely contain my excitement. Having taken my camera to BDO’s previously as a punter, and having split my time in the crowd between watching the bands and watching the photographers in the pit imagining what it must be like, I was now going to find out. What a lineup to get to shoot! From watching Iggy Pop strut around the stage, to nearly being melted by the sheer heat of Rammstein’s pyrotechnics, to Tool lurking in amongst psychedelic LED lighting that was impossible to shoot (hence I haven’t included any shots as I wasn’t happy with anything I got), to having one song to shoot Grinderman where Nick Cave pointed down the lens of my camera and feeling scared and intimidated until he broke his gaze – I loved every second of it!