Brian Wilson @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, 2016

The legendary Beach Boy, genius Brian Wilson played a number of shows around Australia in 2016.
These shots are from the Adelaide leg of this tour celebrating the 50th anniversary of ‘Pet Sounds’.

Shot by Kerrie Geier for AMNplify.

About the shoot: A seated audience is always a challenge for a photographer. You never want to get in the way of the paying audience but you need to get the shots. That was the case here as I was told that I could go up front but in order to get my shots I spent most of the shoot on my knees in front of the crowd. This obviously limited my ability to move as I didn’t want to get up and walk around in front of the crowd during the middle of a song. Add to this that Brian was seated behind a piano, surrounded by many other musicians and instruments so there was really only a small space in which you could get a clear shot. It’s never good to have a gallery full of shots that are exactly the same so you try to find different angles and framing within the space you have. It was a challenge!