City and Colour @ Thebarton Theatre, 2016

City and Colour played to big crowds during their 2016 Australian tour.
These shots are from their gig at Adelaide’s Thebarton Theatre.

Shot by Kerrie Geier for AMNplify.

About the shoot: I had seen some shots from other gigs on the Australian leg of this City and Colour tour and so knew that there were some nice lights, but that overall things appeared the be a little dark. And that was the case. In a venue this size, you would probably opt for a 24-70 as a default lens, however that isn’t one that I have in my arsenal as I instead opted to buy my 16-35mm. Working with one camera body means that I need to make decisions (usually more like guesses) about which lens to have on the body at any given time. Some times you get it right and others you don’t. I spent the first song of this set with my long 70-200mm lens on and watch the band all huddled together around the drum kit wishing that I had started out with my wide lens. So between songs I switched to my wide lens and watched Dallas Green stay still at the mic for nearly the whole next song. That’s just the way it is sometimes, but I still got some great shots that capture the mood that was set on stage.