Culture Club @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre, 2016

Culture Club and Boy George kicked off their huge 2016 world tour in Adelaide!
With incredible vocals, music, outfits and with a crowd that had waited more than 30 years it was a very special occasion.

Shot by Kerrie Geier for The AU Review.

About the shoot: So… the story goes… in the 1980’s Culture Club toured Australia but left Adelaide off their tour itinerary. There was a huge show of disappointment from their Adelaide fans and so on their day off they flew out here and did a promotional appearance in our main city outdoor mall which included a few songs and thousands of fans. They said, at this time, that they would come back here to play a proper show. Fast forward to 2016 and Culture Club and Boy George announce an Australian tour… without an Adelaide date. Through the power of social media, particularly Twitter (as mentioned by Boy George on the night) the band not only adds an Adelaide show, but makes it the first show of their world wide tour. There were fans at this gig that had been there, in Rundle Mall, all those years ago.. it was a really fun and special show.  As for shooting it, you don’t get anyone more photogenic or aware of his angles than Boy George. He was a pleasure to shoot and there were some fantastic moments that I managed to capture. There have been a few times when the artists has farewelled the photographers as I have left the pit (in particular I remember Kele Okereke saying goodbye at Future Music Festival in Perth when Bloc Party were headlining) and as we cleared out after our three songs Boy George said it was a relief to see us go as its a lot of pressure to look good for three songs while we are down there shooting up his nose! Well, as you can see from the shots, he had nothing to worry about. It was also nice to see him share one of my images on Twitter as he thanked the Adelaide audience after the show.