Future Islands @ The Gov, 2015

While in Australia in 2015 Adelaide was treated to an intimate Future Islands show.
These shots are from their incredible show at The Gov.

Originally shot for TheMusic.com.au.

About the shoot: Having shot Future Islands earlier in 2015 at the Laneway Festival, I was excited from the moment this show was announced.  I just knew that this would be one of the gigs of the year, and I was correct! As a photographer I was pumped to see a barrier in place, meaning that it would be easy for me to move around and get the shots I wanted. There would be no need for anything other than my 16-35mm lens tonight, I wanted to be able to capture all of Samuel T. Herrings dances, shapes and gyrations… and he sure did deliver.  Sam is a performer who gives his all and engages with everyone in the audience. Being up so very close to him while he was performing was an extraordinary experience, and when we were done with our three songs I couldn’t help but reach out my hand to him to say thanks. He gave me a shake and a smile and the other photographers all then followed suit – all of unable to wipe the smiles from our faces. This is one gig that I will not forget. As you can see from the shots I was right up close and got some great interaction, though I also went wide to capture the big movements. There are some hilarious shots from all of the photographers of us getting in the background of each other shots from this gig as we were all so enthralled and captivated that it kind of felt like you were the only one there. A magical shoot.