Milk Records @ Fat Controller, 2016

The Milk Records gang headed around the country for their ‘Good For You’ showcase tour.
These shots are from the first gig of the tour at Adelaide’s Fat Controller.

Shot by Kerrie Geier for

About the shoot: This was my first time shooting at this relatively new Adelaide venue and it was an interesting experience. I had seen, via both galleries and instagram shots, that many of peers tended to hang to the side of the stage and when I arrived I soon saw why. With no pit, and only metal fencing reminiscent of primary school right up against the stage (which had buckled at previous gigs) there was a small gate to the side of stage behind which you could escape the crowd, and have room to move but it also meant that I only had one side of the stage to shoot from. Again, taking what I was given and making the best of it I found myself working every angle I could find from that side of the stage, up on my toes to down on my knees trying to get as much variety as I could in to my gallery. This was another fun shoot with so many different bands on the bill each set blended in to the next with minimal (if any) down time in between, so I found myself shooting a lot! It may have been pretty dark, full of blue light, and felt kind of like a prison (as Ouch My Face described it the following night when they supported Sleater-Kinney at a different venue in Adelaide) but it was a fun show that ended with an all in sing-a-long to ‘Cinnamon Girl’.