One Electric Day @ Elder Park, 2015

It was a sweltering hot, 45 degree Adelaide summer day but these Aussie legends were still ready to rock.
These shots are from Elder Park on the banks of Adelaide’s Torrens River.

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About the shoot: This was a tough day. If you haven’t experienced an Adelaide summer day then you can’t even imagine this heat. You feel like you are getting scorched within seconds of stepping in the sun. It gets so hot here that your camera gear gets too hot to hold up to your face, especially the glass display – ohh that burns your nose! There was no shade anywhere, so in between shooting the sets myself and another photographer managed to find some shade under the stage, in amongst scaffolding, where we laid and tried to move as little as possible. The crowd was less than it should have been with many people staying away due to the heat. The artists were pretty great to shoot, playing up for the camera’s. Day shoots can  be hard but fortunately we didn’t really have to contend with too much direct sunlight on faces. Lighting wasn’t really an issue, but at the same time there wasn’t a lot of atmosphere to the shots without lighting. I really like the lights that were used by John Farnham, who performed as the sun was just started to set for the day. I managed to capture some great facial expressions, and some real rock’n’ roll moment from these legends of Aussie rock.