Sufjan Stevens @ Thebarton Theatre, 2016

The always impressive Sufjan Stevens visited Adelaide as part of the 2016 Adelaide Festival.
These shots are from his beautiful performance at Adelaide’s Thebarton Theatre.

Shot by Kerrie Geier for The AU Review.

About the shoot: I wasn’t off to a great start to the night when I walked in to find the support act already performing. It appeared this was quite an early gig, which I was unaware of! This was a seated performance where we could shoot from down front as long as we weren’t in peoples way, which meant that I spent a whole heap of time on my knees trying to deal with the pain this was causing me and still get some good shots. It’s really hard to move around while you are trying to stay out of peoples way! Fortunately Sufjan mixed it up during the first three songs so I was able to capture some variation in his poses. I also made sure I headed to the back of the venue to get couple of shots that incorporated the stunning stage backdrop. There were some great bright, colourful lights which really make some of the shots pop. I was lucky enough to be allocated a seat with this shoot so after I was done working I was able to sit down and enjoy the rest of the show.