Taylor Swift @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre, 2015

Taylor Swift brought her epic ‘1989’ world tour to Australia in 2015.
These shots are from her show at Adelaide’s Entertainment Centre.

Shot by Kerrie Geier for TheMusic.com.au.

About the shoot: This was a fun show, but not without its challenges.  I expected to be stuck up the back of the venue at the sound desk as is so often the case with larger shows, so was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I would be shooting from the pit.  ‘Pit’ is the term usually used to refer to the space between the stage and the crowd, however, this seemed a little too good to be true – and it was. In this instance, the pit referred to the VIP section of the crowd, so while I was up close to the stage (making it easier to get close up shots) I was in amongst the crowd.  Live music photography is all about dealing with whatever gets thrown at you and making the best of it – this situation meant that I wasn’t able to change my position (to give some additional variety to my shots) and was contesting with the heads, hands and phones of all the excited fans around me when trying to get a clear view.  That said, I feel that I was still able to capture well both the performance and the event that was a Taylor Swift show!