Troye Sivan @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre, 2016

Troye Sivan had a huge 2016.
I was the only photographer as he played to a packed AEC Theatre during his ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ tour. 

Shot by Kerrie Geier for The AU Review.

About the shoot: Troye Sivan had a sparse stage setup as he stepped out in front of thousands of screaming fans in Adelaide. I had no idea what to expect and at first I thought that perhaps there wouldn’t be a lot to shoot, but within about 30 seconds of him starting his set he was prowling and dancing all over that stage! The lighting was difficult, dark front lights but some beautiful colours behind him which I tried hard to capture. Being always on the move, it was hard be in the right place at the right time to get shots but as you can see, with a little interaction from him I was able to get some nice front on shots, as well as some that were a little more abstract using the coloured lights.