WOMADelaide @ Botanic Park, 2016

Adelaide’s World of Music and Dance (WOMADelaide) festival is a highlight of the Australian musical calendar.
These are shots from across the four massive day event held in Adelaide’s Botanic Park. 

Originally shot for The AU Review.

About the shoot: Despite having shot live music for many years, I had never even been to WOMADelaide. This has usually been due to the sheer number of other festivals that used to be held around this time. While none of these other festival remain in existence, WOMADelaide continues on stronger than ever and I was excited to get my chance to experience it. With many stages spread out across the park there was a lot of walking to be done, but with such lovely surrounds I couldn’t complain. The variety of acts was incredible and I had my first chance to shoot dance which I thoroughly enjoyed and was wrapped with the results of my efforts. Even though, overall, the crowd was pleasant and relaxed, I experienced a barrage of verbal abuse which was hurled at all of the photographers by the audience while shooting one particular dance act. We were adhering the rules we were given to shoot this particular act, yet the crowd drove their point home by cheering as we left the pit after our 10 mins shooting time was up, which was likely extremely disruptive to the performers (some of which have liked and shared on the images I captured during this shoot). There was a large number of photographers for the event, and so finding unobscured positions in the pit was probably one of the most challenging parts. I tackled low light, harsh day light, high stages, angry crowds and still came away having had a fantastic experience!